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0000101SoldatOtherpublic2011-10-13 00:382013-12-15 10:40
x64Windows7 SP1
0000101: Soldat update alert looks goofy in 640x480
The update alert doesn't fit when using fullscreen at 640x480. And it contains mostly empty space for some reason.
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png celebration.png (9,517) 2011-10-13 00:38
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2011-10-13 00:49   
The idea was to add the changelog in that window
But that was only used in the 1.5.1 betas.

The buttons are not cut off right?

Any suggestion how the window should look like?
2011-10-13 01:02   
The buttons are cut off. The screenshot is what I'm seeing in 640x480 in fullscreen.

A changelog could be good to have there, but the update window shouldn't ever be bigger than the screen. Add a vertical scrollbar in case the changelog is big.

Also, the "crash" severity accidentally carried over from the previous ticket i submitted. This is just a minor issue.
2011-10-13 15:42   
I can verify this, it extends beyond the borders. It does need a vertical scrollbar.
2012-02-03 19:11   
> Any suggestion how the window should look like?

At least make it (the update alert window) smaller. At the moment it's about 660x500 px that is not comfortable for those who use Soldat's minimum resolution (640x480).
As for the empty space, showing a changelog will improve it's look.
2012-02-16 12:08   
Made window smaller