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0000149SoldatGameplaypublic2012-01-07 18:112013-12-15 09:57
x86WindowsXP SP2
0000149: Spas reloads itself even when player doesn't click "reload" button
Sometimes when shooting with shotgun it just starts reload. It's very annoying cause when fighting I don't look on gostek, but on enemy and I can't see when weapon automatically reloads and it makes you an easy target to kill. It very often happens when having 2 bullets left, sometimes more.
1. Start game (LAN or Internet)
2. Take Spas.
3. Play as always until you recognize that you shoot on your sides.
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related to 0000072closed Shoozza Alt + R sometimes triggers a weapon reload 
? demo4.sdm (215,248) 2012-02-20 16:56
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2012-02-02 21:17   
And...? No one comment this, no one had that? Unbelievable.
2012-02-03 02:52   
Does it happen when you play alone with bots (offline)?
Does it happen in LAN when you run the server (soldat client server)?

Does it happen with lots of players playing?

I guess it could be a corrupted packet.

A demo of that bug could really help to find that out. Can you make one?
2012-02-11 22:05   
1. I have to try cause I don't play Spas now due to this bug happening.
2. I don't host servers due to bad Internet and no one from my friends like and play Soldat, so I can't answer.
3. Yea, sometimes sth very strange was happening that if some1 was reloading Spas, sometimes game automatically was starting reload my weapon. If it was full, it was reloading normally, but without sound, but if magazine wasn't full, it was reloading like Spas, one bullet by one even when not holding shotgun (I had it most time with Steyr, but in 1.5, in 1.6 it happens more rarely)
4. Yeah, I can try to make a demo in future.
2012-02-16 12:12   
Waiting for demo and additional information.
2012-02-20 17:01   
(edited on: 2012-02-21 19:14)
Dunno if U will see sth - when I was watching this, nothing happened on demo, but when I was playing (with bots), Spas reloaded 4 times by itself, without pushing reload button. You can try to reproduce it, I disabled every weapons but Spas and took bot Billy to make sure that he won't spawn with fists only. I killed him and didn't reload but was waiting for that glitch and it happened.

2012-03-01 01:10   
This bug was added in 1.6.1.
Reload happens when any bot/player reloads spas.
2013-12-15 09:57   
Closing ticket because I couldn't reproduce in 1.6.6. It's fixed