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0000160SoldatSingleplayerpublic2012-02-16 14:232015-04-15 19:28
x86WindowsXP SP3
0000160: High CPU usage when quitting while map chages and rejoining
When leaving the game while the map is changing and rejoining later makes soldat use tons of CPU power.
1.) create a game with 0 bots on ctf_Cobra (non realistic, non survival)
2.) ingame write /map ctf_Viet
3.) wait a few seconds and leave when the map is still in it's changing state (3-5 seconds approx - didn't count)
4.) join the game one second after you left
5.) you should notice high cpu useage
Window mode resize seems not to affect this bug.

But seems to be in Soldat 1.6.0 too.
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