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0000198SoldatJohnpublic2012-05-11 17:432016-06-15 20:15
0000198: Soldat fails to display interface images when starting the game with a mod
It seems that when you start Soldat with a mod, the game tries to load all of the interface files (such as cursor, arrow, etc) that are located in the 'mods' folder, but normally when some of those files are missing in the folder it would use the ones in the main Interface-gfx folder and combine both (usually preferring the ones in the Interface-gfx folder over the ones in the mod folder when the files are similar -- for some reason) and in this version it appears to not combine, but just load the files from the mod folder exclusively even if there are files missing from it, and since many mod makers wanted to use some of the default files for their mods, they just didn't add such files in the mod folder but instead let Soldat load them from default -- which this time doesn't.
Create a folder in the mods folder with any name and leave the rest empty, (or also inside that mod folder create one called interface-gfx and leave it empty or just with random interface files). If it's empty it will only load the guns and text from the interface, but the cursor, arrow, menucursor, health, ammo, jets and the rest won't load... if you put files in the mod folder like menucursor then it will load that one image but not the rest.

note: select the mod and start Soldat from the mod starter to see the issue.
On the plus side it's good that now it loads interface files from the mod, because in the past it would ignore them and use the ones in the main interface folder instead, but the problem is when there are files missing from the mod folder because then Soldat won't show them at all (instead of using the ones in the main interface-gfx folder).
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2012-05-12 15:58   
Rewrote the part of the interface loading code.
2014-01-23 01:39   
Reopening because everything is still not how it should be. Maybe I'll get time to test it all but some help would be appriciated. I just noticed alot of buggyness when I tried to make a little interface mod.