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0000206SoldatGameplaypublic2012-05-16 23:292013-07-07 16:39
0000206: Smoking animation isn't cancelled by movement keys.
Re.the smoking animation that happen when idling:
It should cancel itself as soon as the player hit a movement key (wasd).
As it is right now it's only cancelled when hitting nade or punch.

SF thread: [^]
It's a major annoyance e.g. in Hide and Seek.

You are one of the hider.
And lose track of the seeker.
So you decide to wait for the seeker in a safe spot. (Usually at the edge of a poly)
The seeker arrives.
You try to move and oh surprise your soldier doesn't move ( he was caught in the idle animation. )
You die. ( and curse the game and that bug )
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2012-06-03 01:04   
Made movement keys cancel the idle animations.
2013-07-07 16:39   
verified 1.6.4. rc2