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0000207SoldatGraphicspublic2012-05-17 00:192015-05-29 18:25
0000207: Needs gostek-gfx customization for team 0, 3 and 4
Soldat lacks the possibility to customize the graphic elements of each team through modding.

As it is right now.
-Files in gostek-gfx applies to team 0, 1 and 3
-Files in gostek-gfx\team2 applies to team 2 and 4

A simple solution would be to add the possibility to use:
mods\"mod name"\gostek-gfx\team0\
mods\"mod name"\gostek-gfx\team3\
mods\"mod name"\gostek-gfx\team4\

This would be very valuable for modders.

For example: [^]

In this mod, I recolored the shoes of the soldier according to their team.
Alpha gets red shoes and bravo blue ones.

The problem is that team 0 and charlie gets red shoes too.
And delta team gets blue ones.
Also I would like to be able to give gray shoes to team 0
yellow shoes to charlie and green shoes to delta.
And that isn't possible currently.
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