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0000021SoldatMultiplayerpublic2011-09-15 13:282020-08-27 11:15
x86WindowsXP SP3
0000021: In-game stats (F1) show a player with an exact nick/color of an another player
During a couple games, after someone rejoining the server / joining as a spectator, he would appear sometimes with a nick of a different player who's already on the server, there would be two same nicks appearing in the same team. However the player not necessarily have to be on the same team, ie he could be in the blue team, however in-game stats would show that he's in the red team.
Hard to say, only happened when there were a lot of people on the server, like 3on3 + ~2 spectators, and there were many manual rejoins happening. In other words, it could be caused by the quantity of player rejoins, during a small period of time, or it could be a random bug which has a chance of appearing anytime, hence more people on the server = higher chance of it happening.
color, nick, stats, team
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This sounds like a netcode issue.
Hard to fix unless there is a demo.
2012-11-12 10:51   
I only experienced this bug once, which was half a week ago.
Two players had the same name and looked exactly the same, but they were in different teams (the teams were correct, btw). They had different IDs, too.
For all other players and in ARSSE the players were distinct in name and appearance. I could only make a screenshot, but I will look if I find any possible reason in the server log.
After the so bugged player joined a different team, he became normal again.