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0000215SoldatGameplaypublic2012-05-22 03:532015-10-23 23:43
0000215: Alt+Key (taunt) runs the action assigned to Key
Using a taunt with a key assigned to any action will sometimes cause that action to be run. The preffered resolution is not running the action at all if the key was pushed down while holding Alt.
1: Bind a taunt to Alt+<Key> and any action (reload, drop weapon, etc.) to <Key>.
2: When in game, hold Alt -> hold <Key> -> release Alt -> release <Key>.
3: The action assigned to <Key> will be run when Alt is released.
The action assigned to <Key> will not be run if <Key> is released before Alt.
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2012-05-22 18:43   
There are situations in which you want to see the key work without having to press it again.

Example: You press ALT+D and release ALT to move right.

How should this be changed?
2012-05-24 18:14   
@Shoozza: Thanks for bringing this up as this is very important for me.

I use taunts in !runmode to start the run.
And since ever millisecond is important there, I can't afford any latency after releasing alt key.
2013-01-02 09:30   
The weapon choice, so 0-9, should be excluded at least.
2013-01-06 03:11   
related: 0000243
2014-10-15 21:29   
nosejj has played 10 years using the default movement keys:
WASD= Walking
Q= Change weapon
R= Reload
F= Throw weapon
and so on..

At the same time he has been using taunts:
(ALT+W), (ALT+A), (ALT+S), (ALT+D).
(ALT+Q) = ^Free flag
(ALT+R) = ^Help our flagger!

He is using theese keys as taunts because he doesn't want to move his hand too far away from the movement keys.
Using different keys as taunts, eg. (ALT+M) = ^EFC UP would mean he had to let go of movement keys with his left hand to do the taunt.
Using right hand to do that taunt would also be too far away from his mouse.

I want to try to help him by comming up with possible solutions, so here goes:

- Adding a delay after you've pressed ALT key, that eg. disables R = Reload 0,2 seconds after alt key was pressed.
WASD doesn't need to be delayed because there's no harm in mooving a bit, but Q, X, R, and F could have this delay.

- Allowing Numpads to be used for radio menu and taunts.
This would mean that nosej had to change his taunts, but he could use right hand to do taunts while he's mooving with left hand.

- nosej could buy a new keyboard that has macros on the left side. Theese macros could be binded to do all kinds of taunts in only one click.
2014-11-09 16:48   
I have a logitech G19 and even then the macro keys are way too far to press especially when playing and taunting at the same time. When you're dead its something different ofcourse.
2015-10-23 23:43   
actions keys pressed together wth alt key for taunts get ignored for
Flag throw