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0000217: Starting server with no scripts and scripting enabled
When starting the server with scripting enabled, and with no files or directories in the scripts folder, the server does not start properly. Refer to Additional Information for the server console output.

Aside: When a directory without contents is added to the script folder, the server still reverts to the old script directory structure.

Should the expected behavior when attempting to start the Soldat server be not starting up at all (current behavior), or starting up with no scripts? I would think the later.
Enable scripting -- Server.ini >> [NETWORK] Scripting=1
Remove all contents of the scripts directory
Start the server
Refer to Additional Information for the server console output.

             -= Soldat Dedicated Server 1.6.3 - 2.7.3 =-

         Soldat Dedicated Server initializing...

   Need help running your server?
   IRC: #soldat.devs @

   ---> [^]

   Additional parameters:
   ./soldatserver -p PORT -l MAXPLAYERS -k PASSWORD
   Example: ./soldatserver -p 23073 -l 16 -k "my pass"

Using Indy 10

[15:09:07] Hit CTRL+C to Exit
[15:09:07] Please command the server using the Soldat Admin program
[15:09:07] Welcome to Soldat 1.6.3
[15:09:07] Server name: Curt's Soldat Server
[15:09:07] Server PID: 8268
[15:09:07] [*] ScriptCore v2.4 loaded! Found 0 scripts...
[15:09:07] [*] Loading old script directory structure...
[15:09:07] [*] Includes File not found: scripts/Includes.txt
Server Encountered an error:
Script is not compiled
[15:09:07] Shutting down server...
[15:09:07] Shutting down admin server...
[15:09:07] Shutting down ScriptCore...
^CTerminate batch job (Y/N)?
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