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0000223SoldatJohnpublic2012-05-31 02:062015-04-30 17:43
0000223: Colon inconsistency in Options menu
There is a colon inconsistency in the Options menu in Soldat.

Sections mostly do not have colons, except for the 'Visuals' section.
Sub-sections do not have colons.
Sub-sub-sections / 'identifier of what something is' mostly do have colons, except 'Maximum Grenades' and Sound/Music Volume (%).

The image attached should make what I'm trying to describe much clearer. Green are proper, and red are improper colon usage.

Go to the Soldat options menu.
The screenshot is from an older version of Soldat. Some things differ, such as the 'Soldat' text at the top right, and the 'Chat' check box looking slightly different. Those are not relevant to this report.
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png Soldat Colons.png (51,937) 2012-05-31 02:06
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2015-04-15 19:41   
I will fix this by editing all translations. Thx for reporting
2015-04-30 17:43   
Fixed as instructed in the picture