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0000227: Port (-p) parameter should have a higher priority than the soldat.ini port setting
The -p startparameter should have a higher priority than the soldat.ini port setting.
This would be very nice as a gameserver provider or if you host gameservers for friends. So they wouldn't be able the change the port and disturb other services on the machine.
1. Install soldatserver 2.7.3 dedicated on Debian x64 squeeze
2. Start soldatserver like this: ./soldatserver -b -p 31470
3. Look at promt (in my case "Server IP: Port: 23073")
    user@server:~/server/soldat_8431$ ./soldatserver -b -p 31470
                 -= Soldat Dedicated Server 1.6.3 - 2.7.3 =-
             Soldat Dedicated Server initializing...
       Need help running your server?
       IRC: #soldat.devs @
       ---> [^]
       Additional parameters:
       ./soldatserver -p PORT -l MAXPLAYERS -k PASSWORD
       Example: ./soldatserver -p 23073 -l 16 -k "my pass"
    Using Indy 9
     The server must be started with an Admin Password parameter to run Admin
       edit SOLDAT.INI section [Network] Admin_Password=
     Hit CTRL+C to Exit
     Please command the server using the Soldat Admin program
    Welcome to Soldat 1.6.3
     Server name: Soldat Server
     Server PID: 13432
    Aero -by BN
     Server IP: Port: 23073
     ASE Port: 23196
     Connection for file server started. Port: 23083
    Registering server @ ASE Master Server
    Registering server @
    Game server added to lobby server @
    ^CServer Encountered an error:
    Control-C hit
    Shutting down server...
    Shutting down FileServer...
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has duplicate 0000230resolved Falcon -b does not work 
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Confirmed, command line parameters are parsed before the INI, what makes it overwrite console's values. It "works" if port gets removed from the file though.