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0000274SoldatOtherpublic2012-12-03 14:052015-04-14 21:35
x64Windows7 SP1
0000274: Freecam while pausing (f10)
When you are in freecam you can normally stop the screen from moving by pressing the 'up' key. But when you have paused with F10 or Esc you can't use 'up' key.

I use this when I record demos, especially when I want a steady freecam in a specific location of the map before the players start playing. Then I have to pause real quick, find my location, and go out of pause for a short time to press 'up'.
Spectate a game, pause F10, try to stop the screen from moving with the 'up' key.
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Confirmed 1.6.3.

Workaround for now: press up just before pausing
2014-10-10 14:32   
Some more info on this:
When you have paused (F10) a demo you can't change player view either.
I want freely be able to move my camera while in pause, same as I would if it was not paused.

In an actual game though, it would not be good if you could spy on the other team while the game was paused (!p). So don't fix that.