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0000286SoldatOtherpublic2012-12-25 20:382015-09-14 21:45
0000286: won't respawn in survival
When you play survival and the bot kills himself on the first kill, you won't respawn

(Also true for normal players, not only bots)
Choose Airpirates realistic and lure the bot down to his death without killing him.
attatched demo

It happens regardless of kill limit
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duplicate of 0000598new FliesLikeABrick Players respawning mid-round in Survival. 
? demo23.sdm (117,886) 2012-12-25 20:38
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2012-12-28 21:16   
(edited on: 2013-08-03 01:48)
I did some more research and maybe found the root of the problem.
If you kill yourself by going outside of map in survival mode, you will respawn!

So, what happens in that demo is that I get auto-killed because I win the round, but the bot respawns after that because he went outside of map. Now he will live forever since it's fucked up.

2013-08-03 01:53   
Happens all the time in survival. Try to play Airplanes with a few bots and see what happens.

If one bot suicides by going out of map he will spawn after the other players are dead, and live forever since round won't end.
2014-12-11 22:10   
Tested as much as possible I could alone. Please consider serious tests and feedback concerning survival game mode in the next beta. Tried to fix as much as possible, but I cannot tell if now everything is fine.

Please feedback in the next beta if it works now! Thanks!
2015-05-20 20:47   
(edited on: 2015-05-20 21:00)
Reopened because it's not completely fixed yet.

I apologize because I wrote 'realistic' in the ticket, I ment Survival. I corrected it.

ExHunter I don't think you understand what exactly this ticket is about, I will try to explain:

-Fixed survival mode dead body outside map respawn bug <-- This is fixed

-Fixed survival mode respawning if out of map after round end results in a never ending round <--This is fixed, but there is still a problem if a player dies outside of map and the players body/ghostek does not have enough time to fall all the way down.

------- Here is what happens in 1.6.9b1 -------

1. Start a SURVIVAL DM with lots of bots
2. Play on Airpirates
3. Some of the bots will possibly fall down and die by suicide at the bottom of Airpirates.

Now.. depending on if the players/bots ghostek reach the very bottom of the map, there might or might not still be a problem.

-If the ghostek has time to reach the bottom the map, the player/bot will respawn as normal and everyone is happy.

-But if the ghostek does not have time to fall all the way down, the players/bots will respawn one at a time after round end. They will get auto-killed right after their spawn protection ends, but they should not respawn after round end in the first place.

2015-09-14 21:45   
Players will not respawn when falling outside of the map after round has ended.
Because if they do they will be the only once alive requiring the server to kill them.
This way the bug is avoided.