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0000291SoldatGameplaypublic2012-12-28 21:012013-12-19 14:24
0000291: Excessive /victory sound in survival DM/RM
When there is one remaining player of a survival round it will automatically trigger /victory.
The feature is cool but it will trigger the sound even if the remaining player is unable to do the animation (mid-air or reloading).
Furthermore /victory will also be triggered when that remaining player is automatically killed to start the next round, wich is totally unnecessary.
-Make a Deathmatch or Rambomatch survival game with some bots
-Kill all the bots
-/victory will be triggered even if you are in mid-air
-Wait to get killed for next round, you will then get /victory sound again
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? 2013-12-09_02-15-02_Leaf.sdm (124,590) 2013-12-09 02:26
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2013-12-09 02:25   
Still happens in 1.6.6
*added demo (2013-12-09_02-15-02_Leaf)
2013-12-19 14:06   
The animation itself is not actually fired in this case anyway. I will not fix that now as that is quite a large fix for functionality that would only be seen when standing still - and not even then, as players would be interrupting the animation from firing their guns most of the time.

The sound is simply played twice because it checks incorrectly whether the last player is dead or not. The fix I will apply will prevent the victory sound from playing the second time in DM and RM.