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0000294SoldatOtherpublic2012-12-31 15:392015-05-29 18:23
0000294: Using a scenery folder in a mod fails to overwrite sceneries ingame
If you use a scenery-gfx folder inside soldat\mods\ModName\
it will fail to overwrite sceneries in-game.
-Place this mod in your mods folder: [^]
-start soldat with the mod enabled.
-Notice that none of the scenneries gets replaced in-game.
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related to 0000198feedback Falcon Soldat fails to display interface images when starting the game with a mod 
related to 0000207confirmed  Needs gostek-gfx customization for team 0, 3 and 4 
related to 0000565new  Background on interfaces is not always detected 
related to 0000612new  Soldat prioritizing interface-gfx over custom-interfaces folder 
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