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0000323SoldatGraphicspublic2013-06-18 14:232015-04-15 19:28
0000323: Starting single player game a few times causes FPS drop
When you start a single player game a few times you can notice a slight FPS drop. This makes the game unplayable on slower computers.
Open Soldat and start a single player game. Leave it and start a new single player game. After doing this about 4/5 times you will notice that the frame rate is lower than usual.
In my case the frame rate changes from 60 fps to ~40 fps. If you have a fast computer, you will have to disable FPS limit or set it to a higher value in the soldat config (on a fast computer Soldat runs at let's say 200 fps; if you try to reproduce this bug, the frame rate should change to about 170-180 fps; if you enable the FPS limit, you won't notice any difference, unless you set the FPS limit to a higher value than the default (60 fps)). Restarting Soldat will solve the problem.
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2013-07-07 20:01   
Does this also happen in 1.6.3?
Or is this a new bug which was introduced in 1.6.4 beta/release candidate versions?
2013-07-07 20:38   
Reproduced this in 1.6.4RC2 and 1.6.3
FPS drop is a side effect of high CPU usage "jump" that started after few (it was 4th for me) rejoin into single player game (there were 2-3 bot ingame).

CPU load stays high even after quitting into main menu.

Tested with windowed mode only (may test with fullscreen later).
2013-07-16 21:32   
Reproduced this in 1.6.4RC3 too
2013-09-13 23:51   
Reproduced this in 1.6.6 beta1 too...