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0000384: Knife duplicates on object hit
I was recording a demo for this bug: [^] when I accedently recorded that the knife duplicated when I hit a crate.

It happens 2 times in the demo. Sorry for the lagg, I forgot to turn off spotify.
Uploaded (2013-08-12_16-03-17_ctf_Ash)
It happens sometimes, when you hit an object with a knife. It might be related to: [^]
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I believe something like this not only happens to knives but to any other weapon as well.
At least players on our Last Stand servers (where we limited weapons) were often duplicating their barret by throwing it around and taking it up again..

2014-12-31 00:35   
Cannot reproduce it on my dev client for 1.6.9. Please check it in beta tho, but so long: marked as resolved.