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0000404SoldatGameplaypublic2013-08-30 00:092015-01-15 14:22
x86WindowsXP SP3
0000404: Grenade packs and medkits spawns in wrong places
Few times per map nadepacks and medkits bonuses spawn in wrong spots like player spawns or for example predator kits, that happens even if "special bonuses" are turned off. But I think everyone have noticed that, we just forget about fixing it.
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related to 0000560confirmed  The ''Fake med'' bug! 
related to 0000184confirmed  Invisible kits 
related to 0000595resolved ExHunter Grenade Kits spawn from non-grenade spawn points. 
png ctf_Cobra_polyworks.png (337,651) 2013-11-17 18:24
? 2013-11-17_18-13-15_ctf_Cobra.sdm (179,890) 2013-11-17 18:24
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2013-11-17 18:24   
Confimed! (1.6.6)
I got the demo on first attempt on reproducing so it probbably happens all the time.
In the demo I'm running around picking up nadepacks so that they will drop other places. Notice in the middle that 2 nadepacks drop where there should only be flamegod, and 1 drops in bottom route where ther's only predator.

*Uploaded image (ctf_Cobra_polyworks)
*Uploaded demo (2013-11-17_18-13-15_ctf_Cobra)
2015-01-15 14:22