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0000484Soldat[All Projects] Johnpublic2013-12-19 16:052015-03-22 15:49
x64Windows7 SP1
0000484: Deadly poligons' slopes don't kill players.
A well placed deadly/bloody deadly poly doesn't kill player when jumping on it. instead it makes player stick to the deadly wall and allows a player to fall safely from it.
It can work on a lot of polygons, but works best if created this way:
1. set your grid in PW to 32px (default)
2. create a polygon that is 1grate width(the samllest one), and 8 grates high
3. save and now try to jump on the slanted side.
(see image)
It should work 99% of the time you jump on/at it.
The bug can occour on different angles and poly shapes.
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png slope.png (9,364) 2013-12-19 16:05
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2013-12-20 06:54   
Confirmed 1.6.6

Pretty much every climbers know about this issue.
As de Espada   
2014-01-25 02:59   
This is a soldat engine bug, not map.
There is no default map in which this bug can be abused, so there is nothing to be fixed by the mappers