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0000520SoldatOtherpublic2014-01-27 23:092015-04-15 19:29
0000520: Stacking CPU when entering/exiting games
When you start a game or enter an online game your pc raises the cpu usage a bit, but it doesn't reset after you have exited the server. You have to quit the game to desctop and start Soldat all over if you're entering and exiting games alot and want to keep your cpu low. Or else it will continue to get higher and higher until you get error messages.
Enter and exit games without exit to desctop. You will probbably hear your cpu start to work pretty hard after a few rejoins.
There should be a cpu reset after every time you exit a game to menu don't you think?
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Re-opening because this appears to be unrelated code-wise to 0000333