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0000536SoldatGameplaypublic2014-02-25 16:192016-06-15 20:15
x86Windows7 SP1
0000536: Radio shortcuts collide with Weapon Menu numbers
When you quickly use Radio commands after you death(before weapons menu show up) eg. 2 and then 3 game automatically choose AK-74 as your main weapon.
The same situation with digit 1 and 2

This problem only occurs when you have Enabled Weapons Menu and you quickly type this, before Menu show up.
[You need to have Weapon Menu Enabled]
After you die, very quickly press [radio command button] + 1, 2 or 3
It don't have high priority, but it's sometimes annoying when you have weapons menu enabled(if you often change weapons) and you want to quickly warn teammates about flag/enemies and you respawn with mp5 instead of barrett or FN
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I can see the problem, does anyone have a solution then?

2015-10-28 18:56   
there are 2 ways to resolve this:

1) Hide weapons menu, while radio menu is open. Don't trigger weapons menu hotkeys
1) Hide radio menu, while weapons menu is open. Don't trigger radio menu hotkeys

I'll probably implement option 1