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0000565SoldatJohnpublic2014-05-27 14:032015-05-29 18:26
x64Windows7 SP1
0000565: Background on interfaces is not always detected
Background on interfaces does not work. If you apply a background to a different interface other than Default, it wont detect it at all unless you pick Default and THEN pick the interface of your choosing.
- Change background on Default & an alternative interface
- Start Soldat (Set the non-default interface as primary)
- Go in-game
- You'll see that the background isn't applied
- Go back to the main menu and set it to default
- Go in game
- Now your background works
- Go back go the main menu
- Set the interface to a non-default interface
- Background works

I streamed the problem & steps: [^]
I idle in #soldat.devs on IRC @ Quakenet (Nick is Control)
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