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0000594SoldatGameplaypublic2014-10-30 22:202015-04-18 22:54
0000594: multiple Vests and Cluster Grenades can be picked up even when player already has them
You cannot pick up another Berserker, Predator or Flame God when you already have one active.
You cannot pick up more grenades when you're already full on grenades.
You cannot pick up more medkits when you're already full on health, and there's also a short cooldown before you can pick another one.

None of the above applies to Cluster Grenade or Bullet-Proof Vest kits - you can instantly pick as many of them as you want and there's no cooldown.
Set bonus spawn frequency to highest possible, and use my test map to for easy access to all of the pickups (see attachments).
pick-up kit
? ctf_TestMap.PMS (11,789) 2014-10-30 22:20
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An updated version of the Test Range map can be found here: [^]