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0000597: CTF Nuubia credits
(wow, Soldat is still alive)

Hello, dear developers of Soldat.

Please change CTF Nuubia credits to "Created by Troskal and his friends" or something like that, because I can't take full credit. My friends have been bugging me with that for years now, I can't take it anymore! Only mid arena and main concept was created by me, but everything else was finetuned based on input from my friends. We played this map for hours and hours and hours and... and... even get into real life fights because some skrub got rekt with M79 in mid too many times...

Trivia: originally wanted to call this map "Speed", but stayed with obscure "Nuubia" (it's in estonian and so called language-hack... n00bs... land of n00bs... nuubs... nuubia), because it's name of the original map (by me) which CTF Nuubia was based on.

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