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0000612SoldatJohnpublic2015-05-22 10:322015-05-29 18:24
0000612: Soldat prioritizing interface-gfx over custom-interfaces folder
1. Putting theese .bmp images in custom-interfaces will instead show files from


Not able to test:

2. Putting both .bmp and .png images in custom-interface results in same as above

3. Putting .png files in custom-interfaces results in all images, except from the image files above, not showing at all
(Inconsistently, flag.bmp from interface-gfx is also showing)
1. Extract (attatched) to in 'custom-interfaces' folder
- contains both .bmp and .png images
2. Choose vb interface in options and start a game
3. Notice that some images (the ones listed in description) are not replaced, instead they show as images from interface-gfx
4. Delete .png images from vb and start a new game
-Now vb contains only .bmp files
5. Notice the same result
6. Restore .png images in vb
7. Delete instead .bmp files from vb
- Now vb contains only .png images
8. Start a new game and notice most images are missing, except from a few iages (the ones listed in description)
(flag.bmp from interface-gfx also shows)
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related to 0000207confirmed  Needs gostek-gfx customization for team 0, 3 and 4 
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related to 0000614resolved Shoozza setup.SIF must be in a custom interface 
related to 0000294confirmed  Using a scenery folder in a mod fails to overwrite sceneries ingame 
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