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0000614SoldatGUIpublic2015-05-29 11:102015-10-28 19:33
0000614: setup.SIF must be in a custom interface
I was trying to put my custom interface in the custom-interface folder, but when I started soldat it would only show the default interface. I got frustrated and tried to remove parts of my interface, removing one by one in hope to find what image was causing soldat to not show the entire interface. Then I realised I had no setup.SIF

I think soldat should either give a warning message that your interface could not be shown due to missing setup.sif, or simply use the default placement of images whenever setup.sif is missing
1. Make a custom interface without setup.SIF (Uploaded for you)
2. Start soldat with this custom interface and notice it only show the default interface.
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2015-07-28 20:26   
> or simply use the default placement of images whenever setup.sif is missing
This is a bad idea
2015-10-28 19:00   
I would consider showing a warning if SIF file is missing and mod was chosen.
2015-10-28 19:33   
Error popup will show for if setup.sif is missing.
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