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0000620SoldatOtherpublic2015-06-28 15:012015-06-28 15:02
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0000620: Server forces player WTYPE_NOWEAPON
I quote Deguix:

Bug: I manually force weapons "OnAfterRespawn", then server forces player WTYPE_NOWEAPON for primary and secondary after the procedure, even if there's no menu (when all weapons are disabled in soldat.ini), and those are the default starting weapons. [^]
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related to 0000619confirmed  OnWeaponChange called twice 
related to 0000618closed ExHunter Weapon IDs of WTYPE_M2 and other new weaponsreverts to WTYPE_NOWEAPON 
related to 0000617closed ExHunter Access violations when aiming WTYPE_M2 and WTYPE_THROWNKNIFE to the right 
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