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0000642SoldatMultiplayerpublic2015-12-07 11:562016-04-20 20:24
0000642: Joining full server with Admin password
..leaves you stuck, only seeing the map but nothing else, until maxplayers is increased. Noone will see that you joined until maxplayers is increased, then you join automatically.
- set maxplayers to x
- wait for x players to join the server
- try to join the server using the admin password
- after noticing the bug, increase maxplayers, which will allow you to join
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2015-12-31 16:10   
I think this issue is somehow specific to TTW gather server, not sure why though. If it is, this is obviously not soldat bug (not by itself at least), but lies something within the scripts out there. Please check if you can reproduce it somewhere else and report back.
2016-01-02 14:51   
Same also happens on other servers for me.