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0000657Soldat Dedicated ServerGeneralpublic2016-06-23 22:362016-09-04 13:49
x64Windows7 SP1
0000657: When Balance_Teams=1, you cannot join other teams except alpha from spectators in TDM
Read reproduction steps.
1) Make Balance_Teams=1 in soldat.ini
2) Make GameStyle=2 in soldat.ini
3) Join the game and then join spectators
4) Try to join any team other than the alpha team
5) It says: <Team you try to join> team is full!

Note: I don't know whether you have to be alone in server, but I was. :(
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png 2016-06-23_23-30-25_ctf_Ash_screenshot.png (1,121,033) 2016-06-23 22:36
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Same for CTF, only Alpha team