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0000659: Before selecting team - Multiplayer
When joining a multiplayer game you have to choose a team, but before you have chosen a team you will not see any movement on the map. You will just see the map with some static players as a snapshot of how the situation was when you joined.

It feels like you're in a limbo state, it should put you right in the action with player movements and sound and everything, just as in singleplayer. However, the related issue should be fixed first.
1. Join a multiplayer game
2. Select team menu will appear, don't choose a team
3. Notice how nothing is moving.

4. Not until you have chosen a team can you see what's happening in the server
Not a new bug but happens still in 1.7.1

In singleplayer you don't have this issue, the game starts in the background even if you don't choose a team. *See related issue
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