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0000662SoldatJohnpublic2016-07-16 16:162016-09-01 01:16
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0000662: Cursor and Menucursor has different placement
It looks like Cursor and Menucursor does not have the same position due to menucursor being scaled up.

See image: cursorscaling.gif
01. Make Cursor.png and Menucursor.png look exactly like in Interface-gfx folder by using the same image file
02. Start a singleplayer game
03. Choose a team
04. Choose a weapon
05. You should now see the normal Cursor
06. Press ESC to get Menucursor
07. Place Menucursor in a spot where it's easy to remember its location
08. Press ESC in order to get Cursor
09. See that the position moves as you go from Menucursor to Cursor
10. See that even though the two cursors has the same image file, the one is scaled more than the other
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gif cursorscaling.gif (160,475) 2016-07-16 16:16
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