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0000663SoldatJohnpublic2016-07-16 19:082020-08-27 11:23
0000663: Jet and ammo show as full when you die
When you die, the health bar obviously goes to 0%. However, the ammo bar goes to 100% because you drop your weapon when dying and fist has unlimited ammo

Jet bar and nades stays as it was when you died, witch is good. We need Ammo todo the same as jet, stay at the % it was when dying
Conversation in IRC:
<@Falcon>> evhO: and what it should actually do? stay in the position it was?
<<evhO>> I think they should go to 0% to make it even clearer that you're dead
<<evhO>> As it is now, Ammo goes to 100% regardless of how many bullets you had left, while Jet stays the same as when you died.
<<@Falcon>> it's probably because you drop the weapon when you die
<<@Falcon>> and get ammo from fists, which is 100%
<<evhO>> yes that sounds right
<<evhO>> hmm, you need to drop the gun so we can't change that.
<<MrBungle_>> ah makes sense
<<@Falcon>> well we can
<<@Falcon>> being dead is really a special case in this perspective
<<@Falcon>> so it can be treated specially in interface
<<@Falcon>> actually it probably already is, given the fact that ammo count and weapon name disappear
<<evhO>> you can make ammo-bar disappear at death? So even if fist has unlimited ammo it will not show
<<evhO>> Just the bar, not the ammo thing around it
<<@Falcon>> probably yes
<<@Falcon>> question is how that'd look in custom interfaces
<<darDar>> What's the point of that tho
<<darDar>> your jet is not zero too
<<darDar>> nor your nades
<<darDar>> having it to 100% or at 0% is in the same way not confusing
<<MrBungle_>> its just to have a more polished cleaner presentation dardar
<<MrBungle_>> not having the helath bar jump to 100% all of a sudden
<<darDar>> well, you're obviously dead when you're dead
<<evhO>> I'd want nades and jet to go 0% too when dead
<<MrBungle_>> nah evhO
<<evhO>> just stay?
<<MrBungle_>> its cool to be able to check where you were at jet and nade wise
<<MrBungle_>> when you die
<<MrBungle_>> as a feeback
<<MrBungle_>> to better your game
<<evhO>> ok, ye I agree
<<MrBungle_>> and yeah imo it should stay at the same value
<<MrBungle_>> it was
<<MrBungle_>> for ammo too
<<MrBungle_>> its what makes the most sense i guess
<<evhO>> Ye
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2016-07-16 19:10   
What about just hiding everything? (health + ammo + jets)
2016-08-01 00:39   
I will try to make a video that shows both solutions. Just gimme some time :)