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0000075SoldatJohnpublic2011-10-01 14:502013-12-15 11:16
0000075: Volume controls should not be linear
The linear volume controls in Soldat doesn't represent the way puny humans perceive loudness. Going from 100 to 50 in Soldat's linear layout just halves the audio level. Going from 50 to 1 is a fifty time reduction in volume, meaning the effectiveness of the controls varies not by how much you change the volume, but by how high volume you're going from.

You want the controls to be as meaningful and precise whether you want low, normal or high volume. Going from 90 to 91 is just over a 1% increase which is impossible to notice. Going from 4 to 5 is a 25% increase, which is a way too big jump.

The way other software correct this behavior is to implement a volume control that follows an exponential curve - typically:

(exp(6.909 * 10^-2 * x) - 1) / 10

where x is the value of the volume slider (0-100). [^]
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