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0000082Soldat Dedicated ServerGeneralpublic2011-10-07 00:122013-06-02 23:06
x86WindowsXP SP3
0000082: questionmarks replaces special chars in admin console
All special characters and national chars are replaced with questionmarks (?) in admin console, what causes custom user protocols to fail. Only windows servers are bugged.
1. Establish a windows server.
2. Connect to it with admin client
3. Connect to the game with soldat and try to write your national characters.
4. Check the output in admin console
I'll add a script that produces a bad output if you fail to reproduce
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2011-10-07 00:19   
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I forgot to add: this bug may be related to bug 0000025, but if i understood correctly, the other one is about game, not admin console

2012-03-01 02:09   
The admin protocol isn't using unicode and everything is converted to normal strings which is the reason for the questionmarks.