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0000196SoldatGraphicspublic2012-05-11 00:102015-05-06 14:21
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Platformx86OSWindowsOS VersionXP SP3
Product Version1.6.3 
Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0000196: Inconsistent and bugged window switching (Alt+Tab and F9)
DescriptionTested under 1.6.3rc2 on the 8th of may.
With the fullscreen setting, Alt+Tab works well (minimizes soldat to the tray), but F9 only sets the focus to an other window, soldat stays opened and in front (clicking on the screen will not fix it again, invisible task manager needed to kill the process).
No fullscreen setting, but 100% resize: F9 works well (minimizes soldat to the tray), but Alt+Tab does not switch to an other window - soldat stays opened, loses the focus, and the area of the windows-switch-window-window is blurred in grey. Clicking on the screen will fix it again. (This applies, too, to other re-sizes)
No fullscreen setting, but 0% resize: Alt+Tab works (soldat stays opened in the background), F9 works (minimizes to tray). Should be like this.

For comparsion, how it happened in 1.6.2:
Fullscreen setting works well for both ways (both minimize soldat to the tray).
No fullscreen setting and 100% resize: works well, F9 minimizes soldat to the tray, Alt+Tab minimizes it to the task bar.
No fullscreen setting and 0% resize: F9 minimizes soldat to the tray, with Alt+Tab soldat stays opened in the background.

Summarizing.. 0% works the same as before, on 100% Alt+Tab doesn't work, in Fullscreen F9 doesn't work.
Tested ingame, resolution 1280x1024, online.
Consistency, that Alt+Tab either always minimizes it to the tray, or always to the normal windows taskbar, would be nice - but no urgent request for this version.
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-  Notes
x7thh0ah (reporter)
2012-09-05 12:44

It's better to click Windows key so Start Menu appears with whole tasks bar, so then you can use Task Manager and open whatever you want by it.
TheOne (reporter)
2012-09-06 11:23

Windowed setting works well with 0%. However, without the Fullscreen my FPS drops by ~15 :)

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