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0000488SoldatGameplaypublic2013-12-22 23:022015-04-21 00:16
Assigned ToExHunter 
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Product Version1.6.6 
Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0000488: Disconnecting player on map change (when changed the team)

On some of my servers there is a simple script for changing the team (!j and !s).

OnPlayerSpeak fragment:

  if (Text = '!j') or (Text = '!join') then
       if (GetPlayerStat(ID, 'team') = 5) then
            countPlayingPlayers(); // counts currently playing human players
            if (PlayingPlayers >= 2) then
              //Command('/setteam5 ' + IntToStr(id));
              WriteConsole(ID, 'Sorry, it''s 1 vs 1 server. You can''t join now.', $FF0000);
            end else
              Command('/setteam0 ' + IntToStr(ID));
              WriteConsole(ID, 'PLAY AND WIN ! gl&hf!', $00FF00);
       end else
       WriteConsole(ID, 'You are not spectator now...', $FFFF00);
  if (Text = '!s') or (Text = '!spect') then
  if (GetPlayerStat(ID, 'team') <> 5) then
      Command('/setteam5 ' + IntToStr(ID));
  end else WriteConsole(ID, 'You are spectator already...', $FFFF00);

This script work normal during the gameplay.

But when the match has ended (time limit or point limit reached) and the score board is shown and you want to go to spectators (!s) it works also good (you are changing team), but in a few seconds (3-15) you are being disconnected by the server. This is probably caused by "map bug" (the map is not reloading to new one after using !s on "score board view"). So the game play is now on the new map (players are normally playing) but you still see the old map - and the server disconnects you. After reconnection everything is ok.

If you want more details, please contact me at

Best regards,
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Bistoufly (updater)
2013-12-23 07:20

Confirmed 1.6.6
homerofgods (updater)
2015-04-19 10:37

This only happens in servers with this script right?
Could you list the servers in wich it happens?
ExHunter (developer)
2015-04-21 00:16

Should be fixed in 1.6.9

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