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0000060SoldatGameplaypublic2011-09-20 21:592015-04-18 15:26
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Platformx86OSWindowsOS VersionXP SP3
Product Version1.6.0 
Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0000060: Picking weapons bug
DescriptionSometimes when playing Snipe n Slice[barret, knife ,chainsaw only] I experience weird weapon picking up bug.

eg: I've thrown my knife at someone and am running to the flag and then I see a knife laying on the ground. I pick it up and both my weapons are changed to knife somehow. Sometimes while picking one barret I end up with two instead of knife + ret. Might provide a demo later.
Steps To ReproducePicking up a weapon
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Attached Fileszip file icon [^] (392,992 bytes) 2013-08-14 12:11
? file icon autodemo5.sdm [^] (264,448 bytes) 2013-09-15 13:50
? file icon 2013-09-18_14-12-49_ttw_Anoxi.sdm [^] (80,109 bytes) 2013-09-18 14:15
rar file icon ttw_Anoxi.rar [^] (1,350,502 bytes) 2013-09-18 14:16
gif file icon weaponpickupbug.gif [^] (361,807 bytes) 2013-11-17 16:30

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has duplicate 0000116closed Pick up weapon bug 
related to 0000328confirmed Pick up Barrett while punching makes it shoot 
related to 0000429acknowledged After spawn lying weapon pick 

-  Notes
Shoozza (administrator)
2011-09-21 02:46

Hard to fix without demo would really help if you could provide it.
Bonecrusher (reporter)
2011-09-21 16:52

Ok I will ask few people so someone might record a demo with this bug occuring
Shoozza (administrator)
2011-12-21 10:00

Waiting for demo
Falcon (administrator)
2011-12-26 00:32

I can confirm that bug, it's very common on last stand servers. However i also have no demo
x7thh0ah (reporter)
2012-02-20 17:35

It's hard to reproduce cause it's very rare, but I can tell that it happens only when there are 2 weapons lying in 1 place. When you want to pick one of these, Soldat will fail and pick both weapons - one will be in your hands and second will be on your back. It's same like that duplicated one.
TheOne (reporter)
2012-04-17 21:13

Here you go: [^]

The map is tw_Nomans.
homerofgods (updater)
2013-08-14 11:59
edited on: 2013-08-14 12:01

Since it's a non-default map, could you fraps it and upload to youtube?
so that Shoozza and others don't have to get the map
Atleast get us a working link to the map

Bistoufly (updater)
2013-08-14 12:15

Attached the map used by TheOne to the ticket.

TheOne do you still have the demo? It's not on SpeedyShare anymore.

To avoid this, please attach files directly to the Mantis ticket in the future.
TheOne (reporter)
2013-09-15 13:51

Uhm.. I'm not sure if this is the correct demo, it is from Soldat 1.5 and I don't want to bother reinstalling it. Maybe someone can check.
homerofgods (updater)
2013-09-15 23:27

I will check it out for ya when I get time
homerofgods (updater)
2013-09-16 01:50

I think this is the map: [^]
Just have to change the mapname to ttv_ypres
I frapsed the demo and uploaded it for you, tell me when I can delete it. [^]
I don't see anything wrong..
TheOne (reporter)
2013-09-16 16:52

ok.. ignore the demo, I will need to reinstall and go through my files.
TheOne (reporter)
2013-09-18 14:17
edited on: 2013-09-18 14:19

Alright.. I took the time to reproduce it.
See attached demo >2013-09-18_14-12-49_ttw_Anoxi.sdm<
The map is ttw_Anoxi, it is attached as well.
Soldat version 1.6.5.
Sorry for the trouble, homer!

You can see in the demo:
-I start with AK and LAW in hands.
-I order LAWs into base (script command spawning them there)
-I shoot my LAW and throw it away
-I go into the bunker and pick one LAW after the other up without ever switching my weapons
-I end up with 2 reloaded LAWs in hands

homerofgods (updater)
2013-11-17 16:33

I added a gif from the demo (weaponpickupbug)
You can see he has an AK as secondary before he goes to change his law with a fully loaded one. All of a suddain he has 2 laws.

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